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Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing provides the key foundation for all Internet marketing programs. For visitors to find and access the site, the site needs to be visible for client base. Search Engines are the #1 way web surfers locate services and products. Without a methodical approach to generating traffic from search engines and online directories, your site will not be visible to your clients. To be top ranked and #1 often takes results of searches, this is represented by appearing under key phrases that best represent your services/products . Outcome-the result of hard work not luck.

Diversified methods that The Dave Lapierre Group incorporates are:

Website Review - Dave Lapierre would begin your customized optimization process by a review of your website in the following areas: website architecture, technology, html source code and content

Keyword and Phrase Development - Selection of key phrases optimize your website and can be an extremely challenging task. With only 3 to 5 key phases to select from, chronological order is an important priority to the success of your website. Dave Lapierre has developed varies processes to assist with the most crucial first step in Search Engine Marketing work.

Competitor Site Review - Perform a review of competitor/partner sites to establish their maturity in search engine optimization and current positioning. It is beneficial to review their key word choices.

Paid Traffic Analysis - Determination of the need for 'paid traffic generation' programs, Set-up of media accounts, keyword selection, and bid management.

Hand Submission Campaign - A variety of submission tagged URL's, view results into search engines such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Looksmart, Google and Open Directory, among others. Submission or update requests to other free online directories available. Paid submissions recommendations made

Monthly, Weekly and Quarterly Reports
- Detailed reports which provide all your current search engine listings. An added benefit to these reports are detailed information that monitors the progression of your website and the amount of subsequent submissions targeted.

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