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Just because you build it, doesn't mean they will come.

A website isn't a successful website if it doesn't have visibility by your customers. An influx of traffic is what generates new customers and builds business revenue. If a potential customer is looking for your services and they use a search engine, will your website be listed at the top of their search? Visibility of your website in search engines is benefited where in you drive traffic to it, this requires comprehensive strategy and several tactics . Tactics like keywords that are not done just once, but repeated often, and closely monitored for effectiveness and repeatability. To truly generate self-qualified traffic it is important to analyze the market and identify where your customers traffic will come from prior to building and launching the website.

The Dave Lapierre Group provides a consulting service and products that assist clients achieve better positioning in search engines and directories which generates and results in more traffic. Dave Lapierre is a seasoned professional that optimizes sites to place URL's high in search engine results. Dave leads the Search Engine Optimization and Marketing in the North East for small to medium size companies. Dave Lapierre diligently works with customers to determine what methods are most effectively deployed. The close customer interactive feedback assists in evaluating and directing your customers to major search engines.

The Dave Lapierre Group uses several methods for increasing website visibility and traffic:
· Search Engine Optimization
· Market Research
· Online Popularity
· Paid Traffic Generation
· Traffic Analysis
· Maintenance Programs

Internet Marketing is constantly changing.
To be successful, it is required for you to employ a company who is on top changing advancements and employs all the current technologies to increase your website's visibility. The Dave Lapierre Group list of highly visible clients are a testament to the successful implementation of our website visibility tactics.

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